Living Yoga with Andrea

This site is where you will access the library of recorded classes. 24/7

The practices offered on this site will educate you on how to release tension and create a healthier life. Whether you have stiffness, joint discomfort, or even anxiety, this program is for you. You will learn basic anatomy to improve your posture and decrease the wear and tear on your joints. The poses will help you in all aspects of your life; better mobility, stability and sleep. The classes range from 30-90 minutes. Your subscription also includes access to our live stream YouTube classes offered 3 times per week. As well as, a 30 minute consultation to get you started. Monthly subscription $99. Coupon codes applied at check out. Please call 302-542-8529 or email if you have any questions.

Learn about your teacher

My name is Andrea Kennedy. Throughout my childhood I trained to be a ballet dancer. As a young adult, I began experiencing sciatica and extreme neck tension. At the age of 22 I stopped my dance training to learn more about anatomy and nutrition. Thankfully, I found Yoga! Since then, I have learned so much about my body and my mind.
My intention is to share with you how gravity has an affect on your posture, and how your posture affects your breathing, your mood and your ability to heal.  Together we will  explore movement, gain strength, improve our balance, experience stillness and learn how to heal.

I recently closed the doors to my Yoga Studio of 14 years in Lewes, Delaware. As sad as that has been, I am overjoyed to be teaching online classes right now. I have had the opportunity to learn and study with teachers that I believe to be on the cutting edge of science. They teach how to maintain the health of human body and mind. The availability and ease to teach yoga poses with video is amazing!

To have a home practice is essential right now. All it takes is a little space and a little time. I am thankful to have access to awesome technology that allows me to connect and share with you.