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Your LivingYoga Membership includes access to this site, which is a growing library of 80 videos. The yoga classes offered range in length and difficulty. Your LivingYoga membership also includes access to 3 weekly live streams. Sunday, Monday & Wednesday @10am. For the live stream links, yoga updates, and coupon codes - go to

Hear what others are saying!

I just did the newest video, I loved loved loved it!"


"I am filled with gratitude, peacefulness, and will be taking my healing skills out into our community."

"I totally enjoy my Living Yoga membership!"

"You are enhancing my soul every class I attend. I totally enjoy my Living Yoga membership!"

"I enjoyed the class, thank you!"


"I enjoyed the class, thank you!"

"Give it a try. You'll feel better."

D. C.

"Anyone who knows me knows I am always promoting yoga as a good way to keep your body working properly. I didn't think I could ever do yoga at home but with these videos I can close my eyes and feel like I am in class"

"With my eyes closed it's almost like I'm there in the Studio with you!"

W. O.

"Thank you and your family for starting the online classes! I did the hour one today. It was perfect! So glad to have you in my home in PA. With my eyes closed it's alimony like I'm there in the Studio with you! Im looking forward to continuing on with your classes!"

I love that I can rewatch each video as many times as I want!"

J. H

Im so happy with how easy Living Yoga is to use! I play the guided meditations before sleep & they help so much. Keep up the good work guys!

"The class today was great and needed!"


"The class today was great and needed!"

Learn about your teacher!

a ballet dancer who turned to yoga after experiencing acute sciatica & severe neck immobility.

Andrea Kennedy has been teaching yoga in Lewes, Delaware, for 27 years. Her passion is to make yoga accessible for all bodies.  Andrea teaches the importance of spinal alignment for over all health of the body.  She also shares the power of relaxation & gratitude to shift the mind and body out of the fight-or-flight state.  This shift allows for an experience of deep inner calm.  It is in this state of relaxation that the body repairs itself.

Have you ever been to a class that was too fast or just too difficult?

Our classes move at a mindful pace allowing time to check yourself for proper alignment. We use props such as blankets, chairs, blocks, and pillows. The props allow you to adapt the poses to your specific needs. You will learn how & why the pose is helpful. $99 monthly. Use coupon code LOVE for $30 off.


  • Are these classes appropriate for beginners?

    Yes! This is a slow moving style of yoga, that focuses on proper alignment, with the use props to acclimate to your needs. If you are new to yoga watch the "how to" videos to learn or refresh your understanding of some key poses!

  • How long are the classes?

    There are many yoga classes ranging from 25-90 minutes. Some classes start standing, seated in a chair or on the floor. New classes are added weekly!

  • How often will I have access to the classes?

    Your access to the classes are unlimited. Take your classes with you on the go from any smart device or computer.

  • Does the subscription automatically renew? and how do I cancel?

    Your subscription will automatically renew each month. Putting your account on hold or cancelling is easy at any time! Go to profile, and scroll down to my account/ billing.